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Welcome!   Here you will find information about our work as Directly Authorised, Independent Financial Advisers.  We are proud boutique IFA's & our independence is key.  We are not part of a network, associate partners or appointed representatives.  We do not offer a few options that 'represent whole of market', we simply offer whole of market.

We look after client funds in a protective manner. This approach re-assures our clients of the best possible attention & care for their investments.

Your pensions and investments are among the biggest assets you aquire.  Protect them and follow the correct channels.  DIY investing is fine for a little 'play money' but what if you make the wrong call?  A good IFA will pay for themself through mitigated tax savings and extra cumulative growth.  Furthermore, a legitimate IFA carries personal indemnity insurance to protect you fully in the event of mistake or complaint.

What separates us from many others is that we rarely pick funds, we leave that to the professionals which allows us to concentrate on our role as true IFA's.  We do not use default funds, we hold no own-brand bias or any network obligations.  We gain no rebates, kick backs, retirement plans or benefit from any other incentive of how we choose for our clients.  We simply do the the right thing for our clients interests.

At S D Greenway Ltd, we work directly with discretionary fund managers [DFM's] to match your investment objective.  

The DFM is the trader and manager of the cash, there are various types; defensive, adventurous, ethical, income producers and so on. They are not licensed to provide advice... that is our job, we know that the buck stops with us!

Our role is to ensure the correct ingredients are chosen for your money to succeed.  We build the end result of your success through our expertise of selecting the right manager, wrapper, term,  profile, provider, platform & portfolio.   We work within client tolerances and investor objectives to ensure they have the best chance to get the most out of their money.

Our business model satisfies trustee obligations to ensure they are actively getting the best for their beneficiaries.  

When markets are going well we can all make gains, however when markets fall is when our method limits the negative impact by actively trading.  

Our fees are made clear before client terms are signed and advice provided.  We do not rely on product sales for income, as our services are charged whether clients proceed with recommendations or not.  Afterall clients employ an IFA for the Advice. We are only interested in long term client relationships and are fully motivated to achieve the best for our clients and their family over the long term.

Terminology explanation: 

Wrapper - the type of pot in which the funds are invested,  all of which have different tax implications (pension, ISA, bond, OEIC, etc)

Platform - software that facilitates the administration of the portfolio 

Provider - Company that offers the particular type of investment that we wish to use

Portfolio - selection of various wrappers held on your platform to match your tolerances.  

Profile - selection of various investments held inside each wrapper to match your tolerances


How does it work?

A Comprehensive Approach

We visit you at home or at work (don't worry about distance, client visits are nationwide without charge, completely at our risk) to record a thorough 'fact find' of your circumstances and evaluate your attitude to investment risk.  It's important to get a clear understanding of what is required (perhaps capital growth, an ethical investment, drawing pension income, etc) and how much volatility you would tolerate with your investments.   

At this meeting (which is free of charge) we will quote our fees for the type of work required before signing terms.  Once terms are agreed we proceed to whole of market research and subsequent recommendations will be submitted at a second meeting a few weeks later for your approval.

Any recommendations will not include a contractual lock in and you are not obliged to follow our advice.  Clients are free to switch advisers should they ever feel someone else is better suited.  We find this approach keeps us fresh.

Contract Paper Signing

Ongoing relationship

Healthy debate

We wish you continued success and believe that our futures are best served together.  Usually our fees are intertwined with your fund performance so no extra charges are made for review meetings, client telephone calls, references, letters, tax assistance, etc.

Our clients are assisted with ongoing advice.  This service provides continued risk suitability, tax allowances are utilised and fund performance are evaluated with you regularly.  

The client reassurance is priceless; to know that when you need some capital or if your circumstances change, we can move quickly to ensure the most suitable method is used.  We don't want you to pay unnecessary tax, lose valuable allowances or take unwanted risk.  The healthy IFA / client relationship works both ways where we discuss options and ideas together to achieve the correct outcome.

Men in a Meeting

Clients make us who we are

You are genuinely valued

Our clients are our number one priority, and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied.  

We are happy to liaise with your accountant, solicitor or other professionals should you wish to ensure that all your requirements are smoothly executed and managed.

If you are a client be assured that you can call anytime with a query.  If we are in a meeting please leave a message and you will be called back promptly.

Business Meeting

Solicitors & Counsel

Law Society Referral Approval

We are happy to receive referrals from the legal profession.  We can assure your client will be treated impartially and with diligent care. We hold full independent status.

Under the new Solicitors Regulation Authority [SRA] rules from Nov 19, referring to financial advice firms with narrow, restricted panels has been identified as possibly not in the clients best interests.  If a firm’s status is ‘restricted’, it should be recorded how constricted their advice will be.   

Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware, many of the largest adviser firms in the UK look to the layman as 'independent', dig deep and insist on seeing 'independent' in their permissions rather than words that imply 'whole of market'.

(The Law Society, 2019 @


I have been a client of Scott Greenway for some years now.  I have found Scott to be very open and honest in all dealings I have had with him.
Scott has handled my pensions, savings and investments and all these areas have shown a healthy growth.
As the relationship between a client and their financial advisor is based on trust, I do trust Scott to act in my best interest.

Lynn Salisbury

 A lot of people of people feel reluctant to share personal details with someone who at first is a total stranger, however we have now known Scott for some years and he has managed and advised our savings, investments and pensions, resulting in some significant growth, we trust Scott, and now also regard him as a friend. '

Graham & Sue Coleman

We have been client of Scott Greenway for many years, and when he introduced himself to my wife and I we had a number of Pension Plans with different companies. He managed within two months to collate all these into one Pension plan, that has made it so simple to understand.
Since then the return on our Pension has been well above our expectations, and should we have any Pension queries Scott is always there with sound advice, with simple to understand explanations.
We can highly recommend Scott and as our financial adviser we have total faith in his endeavour to act in our best interest.

Jeff & Jill Bird

I was very impressed with the service provided by Scott after I made a general enquiry through the website Scott was quick to respond and went on to analyse my situation and make a recommendation on the service that he was to perform on my behalf. He completed the work to my satisfaction well within the timeframe that he had suggested at the outset. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a IFA.

Huw Rees (Dec 2020)

City Center

What will it cost?

We welcome new enquiries and do not discriminate on investment value.

We hold a full book of clients, the result of a simple business approach and competitive fees.  

If you are looking for a long-term IFA partner, we will be happy to discuss your requirements to see how we can be of service.

We offer an honest, clear fee structure.  We test affordability of each contract and do not make recommendations that would disadvantage the customer. 

Clients are quoted before work is agreed and clients may pay their fees via deduction from the pension / investment or via BACS / cheque. 

Initial fees apply to initial work.  Existing clients need not worry about further initial fees applied to further 'new investments'.  For example; inheritance, windfalls, etc will not incur initial fees for existing clients.

For ongoing services, the fees applicable would be deducted monthly in arrears from the investment or an annual invoice may be settled, whichever the client prefers.

​Our client agreement contains fee terms and conditions for your reassurance.


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